A Site with Energy Company Information

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Life in Texas cannot be beat. We have awesome sports teams, amazing weather, gorgeous cities, and the people are about the nicest you can meet anywhere. Texas also has some perks that not a lot of other Americans get to enjoy, such as the right to choose which energy company to have as a supplier. When I found out that I actually get to choose the company I want, I was tickled pink. I absolutely love having choices, because it means I am getting what I want. I used choosetexaspower.org, which is a website that breaks down the different companies so I was able to find out a good bit about each one.

This allowed me to make an informed choice for my energy provider, and it also taught me a lot about energy in general and how it works in Texas. I had no idea that this is a relatively new concept that just started in 2002 thanks to a bill that was passed by the state government. Read more…

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