Getting Better Internet for Telecommuting Work

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Our old Internet service was getting slower and slower. They were adding more and more customers, but they were not improving their infrastructure at the same rate. More people on the system just made it get slower and slower for customers. I noticed it because I would telecommute. If you use your home Internet service for any work related projects, you will notice when it starts to slow down and lag. Video conferencing was a big problem. Even when the download speeds were great, the upload speeds were severely throttled back. I figured that switching to ATT, a big provider company, would improve things.

There are all kinds of Internet service providers (ISPs) out there. Some of them are not giant companies backed by a lot of employees who are constantly improving its framework. Some companies actually use old technologies in place and lease its use from others. Did you know that there are still some dial-up Internet options that are still in existence? They would be practically useless even at 54kb speeds. Read more…

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