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Finding a job in Washington D.C. was easy, but I had to use apartment finder for Forestville MD to look for a place to live. Why? Because working for the federal government is a good, reliable job, but living in DC or in Northern Virginia is beyond expensive. It is absolutely incredible how the rents have skyrocketed just in the time I’ve been living in the area. People say the areas around DC are the most prosperous and expensive in the country, and I believe it. That’s why I had to look a little further afield to find affordable living.

I turned my eyes to Maryland after a few co-workers said they moved out there several months ago and couldn’t believe how much more reasonable the rent is. I was skeptical until I did some online research. Truly I knew the next place I would be living would be somewhere in Maryland. I settled on Forestville because really it’s just not that far away. The commute will be longer, but the vast decrease in my rent more than made up for the additional time spent getting to work.

As for the apartment complex, I have no complaints. It’s in a relatively quiet area, located near to shopping and entertainment options, and the neighbors seem to be industrious people who respect privacy. I enjoy using several of the property’s amenities and have made new friends in the area who actually don’t work for the federal government. That last part is important because DC acts as a giant bubble for those inside of it. It’s nice to live in a place where I can mingle with people who understand there are important things outside of the Washington power corridor. I love living here so much that I doubt I’ll ever move back across the border.

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