How Our Mindset About Raw Materials and Waste Has Changed over the Years

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Years ago when we first began manufacturing our consumer products we used raw materials and threw away millions of pounds of waste material that had no value to us. I have no idea how much of that ended up in rubbish landfills over the years. It cost us to have it taken away. As we got smarter about our raw materials, we learned from an environmental consultancy company how to turn our waste into something we could use or generate a revenue stream from. We end up with shreddings of a raw material after our processing, and we have no use for the shredded refuse. However, we were put in touch with companies that use what we were throwing out. We sell it to them cheaper than they can buy it for elsewhere, so we are making money from our trash.

We also have a division where wood shavings grow into huge outdoor piles. Some of it is sold to companies to make into manufactured pressed wood products, the lower quality shavings are used in our newest plant that makes wood fuel pellets. We sell it to consumers, and we also use it to heat our on site facilities in the winter. We are saving a fortune in energy costs and profiting from selling what we used to throw away. It really comes down to rethinking your processes. The old saying about one man’s junk being another’s treasure really does apply here.

In the old days of our manufacturing where we isolated ourselves being worried about competition and industrial espionage, we wasted much in the way of raw materials that could be reused, recycled or repurposed. Market pricing forces got us started rethinking our processes. We were not being noble or eco-friendly at first. It was a matter of survival of the company. However, now our mindset has changed, and we want to continue doing our part.

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