I Knew I Wanted Reminders of My Dad All Around Me on My Big Day

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I really wanted to do something special for my wedding. I was an older bride because I really had not found the person who felt like a soulmate until I met him when I was 44 years old. Some people have lives where they have a chance to host many parties or attend many of them, and this wedding would be my one and only chance to be at a really elegant one. So, one plan was to hire a wedding magician in London and I even rented an elephant to be present as well! People were really surprised by it all, and it was the most lovely day of my life, after the day I met my husband, of course.

My dad has always loved the art of magic as a hobby. I can remember him walking around the house learning a new card trick all the time. He would then amaze all his friends or the neighborhood kids after he got the trick down pat. It really made my mother and me very happy to see him putting smiles on other people’s faces. Well, after dad passed away, I found myself missing him so much and that was not going away. I wanted him to see that I was finally walking down the aisle, but there was no chance for that. But I could bring a little bit of my dad to the wedding. I did that buy hiring the magician.

One of dad’s favorite tricks was called “The Elephant in the Room,” which was simply a name he came up with himself. And my dad learning it and giving it that name was one of my fondest memories of him. So, when I met a man who worked at an elephant sanctuary, I soon found out that he accepts payment for bringing his elephants to different functions. So, I did that too, and it reminded me that the elephant, my dad, really was in the room with me when I married.

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