Scholarship Resources for New, Current, and Returning College Students

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Applying for Financial AssistanceThe decision to go back to college was an easy decision for me. I decided I would return to school, but due to finances, I would have to return as a part-time student. Being an older student, I did not feel that I would qualify for any scholarships, so I erased that process from my research. Living in a town with several nearby colleges, I decided to seek out help from a few people who I knew were already continuing their education.

While speaking with one of my co-workers, I started leaning towards applying to the college that she was currently attending. After a few conversations, I decided to apply to her school and she offered to assist me with the process. While gathering the information I needed to enroll in college, my co-worker mentioned possible scholarship resources, I explained that I did not think I would qualify for any scholarships, due to my age, and she laughed.

Taking to heart, that there could be scholarships out there for me, I began looking for websites with scholarship resources. Finally I found this site, the comprehensive information, was easy to understand and I was able to weed out the scholarships I did not qualify for and concentrate on the scholarships for which I was qualified.

In the end, I was able to learn to learn about several scholarship options and the application process for each scholarship. After applying for several scholarships, and winning two, I was able to fulfill, not only my dream to return to college, but to also fulfill my desire to attend as a full-time student.

I now recommend this website to new, current, and returning college students, to assist them as they seek out scholarship resources. Attending college is such a rewarding, yet sometime stressful experience, especially the financial side of things. Try to avoid some of the stress, caused by college financial concerns, by seeking out scholarship resources.

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