Summer Job Turns into New Career

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My mother has been involved with corporate secretarial services for years. Her first job with a company was as a secretary. She had started from the bottom and was yelled at and was taking coffee to a main boss for years before anyone asked her if she wanted to move up. It is truly an interesting story.

She started working for a small firm that dealt with business laws. Her dad had been friends with the lawyer over the firm and he needed to hire someone to be a secretary for a few months until the original one came back. My mom took the job as a summer job and ended up staying there. She enjoyed answering phones, but hated getting yelled at for missing a call or not writing a message down correctly. In her spare time there, she would start reading legal docs and highlighting the important things from them. This was something that she was good out.

She found out really early on in that job that she asked a lot of questions, sometimes saw things that the lawyer didn’t see. After a year of this, she was asked if she wanted to shadow a new lawyer to learn from him and in turn become his secretary. She agreed and they spent a lot of time together. His main focus was business law and dealing with companies. My mom loved this because it was protecting customers. She learned as much as she could.

After moving on with the new lawyer, she spent a lot of time working with his first big client. It was a company that made lawn mowers and they wanted to protect their clients. They had a mentality of how can they protect the people and it wasn’t so much protecting themselves. If they did something wrong, they wanted to make sure their customers were able to be covered for any damages that their negligence caused. My mom really loved their attitude so she worked with them mostly. They enjoyed her and how they shared the same “Let’s help the people” mind set that they asked if she’d work for them as their corporate secretarial services with the lawyer. They all worked well together and it would keep the company from having to come to the office to deal with legal things. She ended up agreeing and became their corporate secretary.

She’s been with them for years and loves every moment of her job! The only thing she doesn’t like is when 3 people overlook something and can’t ensure someone is protected, but she always finds a way to make it right to that person!

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