Using Clotheslines and Drying Racks Outdoors Saves Energy and Saves the Fabric of Your Clothes

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Did you know that clothes dryers hasten the wearing out of your clothes? Where do you think all that lint comes from? It is the fabric your clothes and linens are made of coming off of them. This is how towels and sheets keep getting thinner and thinner until they are threadbare. Good clothes, towels and linens are expensive. Running that electric or gas dryer is too. Drying them on a drying rack can help save the fabrics your clothes, towels and linens are made of. Plus, you get that sunshine fresh smell from drying them outdoors too.

I like the scent and freshness of our bed sheets dried in the sun on clotheslines. I like all of my blouses and other garments dried on drying racks. No clothespin marks! Our son insists on his fashion being an ultra white tee shirt that is dried on a drying rack. It cannot have any grayness or any specks of dirt or stains. It is a teenager thing I guess. He will go through two in a day if he is not working and just hanging out.

The electricity we save is remarkable. Heating and cooling appliances are what really use up the energy in a home. Running the dryer is heat, and it takes more air conditioning to cool the house when it is running. The laundry room gets hot even though the dryer is vented to the outside. Using the drying rack and outdoor clotheslines saves energy and saves our clothes. The only thing I still dry in the dryer, and even then only partially, is the thick comforters. They take so long to dry. However, if it is hot and dry outside, they dry in no time. If it looks like a rainy afternoon, I partially dry them in the dryer.

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