When You Need a Pest Control Professional

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The average household bug can come in all shapes and sizes. Every infestation is different. From ants to bats, pests can habitat each nook, cranny, crawl space and crack within a home. Surprisingly, they can even thrive in conditions you wouldn’t think possible. Of all infestations that we have to deal with the worst possible pest would have to be termites. Effective termite control in New York City can be considered a common need; there’s simply no getting rid of termites as a whole. The best we can do is mitigate the damage as it appears. Calling a local pest control specialist is the only option once an infestation has been discovered. By then, they could have colonized much of the house. Soft wood is a favorite of these nasty bugs who will quickly chew through an entire floor within months if they’re not discovered soon. I’ve seen entire homes condemned from an infestation that was only present for 6 months.

There’s very little that you can do on your own to kill off the termites. For some pest infestations, like ants or cockroaches, it’s simple enough to take matters into your own hands. Fogging a home or apartment is not a serious undertaking. You can buy pesticide fogger from any Wal-Mart these days. Make sure that you cover the furniture, dishware and anything else that you use frequently. Even then it might be best that you clean everything once you’ve fogged the infested area. I’ve had to do this twice since I’ve begun renting apartments. Once was due to fleas which can be nearly as difficult as termites to get rid of. The other time was for bed bugs which inevitably involved the entire building having to be fogged; now that was a serious undertaking involving professional pest control agents.

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